Tuesday, February 17, 2009

tag ako,tagged korang!

What time did you wake up today?* 6am plus.. lambat bangun.lol
What are your plans for today?* bekerja dgn hebat.but,not really.haha
Who do you miss most?* my sayang.my fwen.my gurl :(
What matters most to you?* my sayang, & my car
Who do you love?* my sayang, my parents n my frens:
Name 1 person that is amazing?* rohana bakar!my mom ouh.
The name of the person that you're thinking right now?* izmir:
What is your favourite food?* nothing specific:
When did you last get drunk?* never.:
Do you want to have babies?* for sho.nk nk!.. =):
What did you have for lunch today?* not having lunch yet.diet kot:
Are you working now?* mestyla.i am good worker:
When was the last time you felt really happy?* yesterday,he makes me smile :)
Who is one person that can really make your day?* atief:
And why is that so?* because i love him and he loves me too.:
Any last words?* i wanna see him!!
mari lihat,sape yang kena~
kak mimi
hazzy superb
princess ida
sarah kalam
zack-u sepet

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